Monday, 9 December 2013

Satin Roses Bridal Hand Bouquet with Brooch and Pearls

On my wedding last June, I received a beautiful hand bouquet from Cartie Art & Craft. Just to share with you guys some of my wedding photos and beautiful products from the awesome crafter :)

Wedding  / Bridal Jeweled Satin Roses Bouquet

This bridal hand bouquet is made of single or double face satin that is hand-rolled with careful details, ornamented by rich, beautiful brooch & pearls. 
Satin Handle with brooch center design is included with the Bouquet.

Other colors, design, and sizes available. I do gladly accept custom request.

Please allow 4-5 days to finish a bouquet, plus 2-5 days for domestic shipping upon item completion. The shipping cost would be around RM15 - RM20 due to the weight and careful packaging of the finished product.

I would love to keep updates with you on the progress of the bouquet, send you photos of the development and keep well communication in case you have your own input or request on the design.

Thank you :)


Ivory Satin Roses with Brooch and Pearls
Size: Large
Price: RM180

 Mixed Colors Satin Roses with Pearls
Size: Medium
Price: RM95

 Red Satin Roses with Brooch and Feathers

Size: Large
Price: RM190

Plain Red Satin Roses with Cream Base

Size: Large
Price: RM130

She does sell brooches, head scarves and many other items. Kindly visit Cartie Art & Craft  for more products ;) 

Dec 2013.

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